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3D Print Services​

We can 3D print almost anything, and we only use rubbish. Pretty cool right?

Why print with rubbish?

Printing with Rubbish is a unique circular economy offering which our clients value for a range of reasons.

  • Tell A Story
  • Create Beautiful Objects
  • Participate In Circular Economy

3D printing with waste is a great story to tell your customers, even better if you are able to use your own companies waste. 

Beautiful objects and an innovative production method, supported by a strong sustainability credentials make it a tantalizing outreach opportunity. 

Large format printing opens up a wide range of possibilities in terms both of object creation and in cutting down the cost of printing via its innovative high speed printing technology.

Artists and designers love using the printer as a way of creating objects which were previously impossible, with the added benefit of

3D printing with rubbish is a great way of participating in the circular economy. Our prints are designed to last, and even if they do break, we can recycle them back into new furniture at the end of their life.

By taking hard to recycle waste and transforming it into beautiful objects, you can showcase the circular economy in the most engaging way.


We have a team of in house designers who specialise in designing products for large format 3d printing. We are able to take your ideas and transform them into objects which are suitable for printing methods.

Limitless Potential

3d printing on a huge scale opens up a range of possibilities. We have experience in designing for printing furniture, sculptures and much more, so don’t hesitate to get know touch and let us know what your idea is.

Massive Scale

We can print up to a size of 2.7 x 1.25 x 1.5m, making it one of the largest print beds in the world. For parts or designs which need to be larger, we can construct in sections to create impressive structures 

Material Choices

With the right scale, it is possible to print using your own waste streams. With our printing partners, colossus, we can transform a variety of waste materials into 3d printing compounds. This is only available to clients interested in using over 1 tonne of material, due to transformation minimum order quantities.

We use recycled materials when we print. 3D printing uses large amounts of recycled polymer, meaning it is possible to offset large quantities of waste when creating new products.