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Ideas For The Circular Economy

The circular economy is not only imperative for human survival, it is also an opportunity to create a world of infinite abundance, and that’s what has inspired us at Rubbish Ideas. Our mission is to create a waste-free world where humanity has everything we need, and to help others on this journey too.

Who we are

Founded in 2018, we are a group of designers and sustainability experts, passionate about making a positive change.

What we do

We provide consultancy, and we design, make, and sell products and services which support the circular economy.

Why we do it

We are passionate environmentalists, and we believe in following the science. We want to make a real difference.

How it works

Check out our services to see how we can help and get in touch so we can work together to make an impact.

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Why go circular?

Our current linear economy is destroying the planet and leaving us in a wasteful dying world. However there is a better way to live and ensure our shared future. We can learn from nature and its infinite cycles and build a sustainable circular economy of our own. This not only makes great sense for the planet but for people and businesses too. You want your company to be around forever, and with a truly circular business model it can be sustained indefinitely, that’s the whole point!

Join The Circular Movement

The circular economy offers benefits for the planet, people, and businesses by conserving resources, creating cost savings and economic opportunities, reducing waste and pollution, and creating sustainable jobs. Joining the circular economy can help build a more resilient and equitable society.


Get more value from sustainability efforts

When it comes to building circular supply chains, effective communication is key. By being transparent about your sustainability efforts, you can not only build trust with your customers, but also create a competitive advantage. Implementing sustainable systems may come with a cost, but by effectively communicating the value of these changes to your customers, you can not only recoup these costs, but also attract new customers who are looking to support companies that prioritize sustainability. So, join the sustainable movement and not only will you be doing good for the planet, but also for your business’s bottom line.

Talking Rubbish

A key part to sustainability is communication. Connor Bryant, Co-founder & Director of Rubbish Ideas has spoken at IBTM world, Pride UK conference, Wincanton Waste Free & many more. With a focus on sustainability, our key topics are listed below.


Is the circular economy the way forward? We look at how it can be applied to current industries and explain the unprecedented benefits which the circular economy brings.


There's a lot of rubbish talked about plastics! We focus on the science and discuss the potentially beneficial features of plastics while identifying how to avoid common issues.


Our planet is heating up at shocking speed, and there is no argument humans are the cause. There is lots we can do to help, but with so much misinformation its hard to know how.


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There's no such thing as rubbish!

Check out where we track waste at a wide range of venues, specialising in festivals and events. Measure the waste and carbon impact of your event, discover capture rates for products and much more. 

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