We Design For The Circular Economy

Who we are

Founded in 2018, we are a group of designers and sustainability experts, passionate about making a positive difference.

What we do

We design, make, and sell products and services which support the circular economy.

Why we do it

We are passionate environmentalists, and we believe in following the science. We want to make a real difference.

How it works

Get in touch and we would love to talk about how we can work together to make a change.

Our Circular System

Material Research, Supply & Manufacture

We research waste materials and processing requirements, supplying or manufacturing the output to close the loop and maintain traceability.

Product & Graphic Design​

We develop products and systems which support the circular economy. We use scientifically sound ideas, proven to protect the planet.

Sustainability Research & Development

Using sustainability experts, we complete full product life cycle studies, taking into account both the waste and carbon.

There's no such thing as rubbish!

The Circular economy is the only way to create a better future which manages resources efficiently, transparently and with maximum sustainability. 

3D Printing With Waste

We can take rubbish and turn it into beautiful products using one of the largest 3D printers available, Colossus, designed specifically to work with recycled materials.


We take waste plastics and turn them into pellets which can be used in the large format 3D printer.


We design custom products which can be manufactured on the printer, at a huge scale due to its size.


We use the recycled pellets to turn your concept into reality using the latest technology

On Display Now

Check out our furniture, on display now in the new Future Leap Hub, Bristol.

Check out The Rubbish Project, where we work with events to provide circular economy solutions which make true environmental sense. Our first product, The Rubbish Cup, is a 100% recycled plastic cup, which we collect and turn back into cups using bespoke recycling system.

The Rubbish Cup - Black

The Rubbish Cup is our latest product aimed at the events industry. It is made from 100% recycled plastic and is collected onsite after use. We recycle the cups back into cups again and again, bringing the circular economy to the events industry. 

The Rubbish Cup

How it works:


100% rPET cups are used on site, with signage and marketing to communicate the message to the audience.


We collect cups, along with any other PET waste which is used and discarded, separating out contaminants in the process.


We turn used cups and bottles into material which can be used to produce more cups. We repeat this process.

Talking Rubbish

A key part to sustainability is communication. Connor Bryant, Co-founder & Director of Rubbish Ideas has spoken at IBTM world, Pride UK conference, Wincanton Waste Free & many more. With a focus on sustainability, our key topics are listed below.

Circular Economy

Is the circular economy the way forward? We look at how it can be applied to current industries and explain the unprecedented benefits which the circular economy brings.


There's a lot of rubbish talked about plastics! We focus on the science and discuss the potentially beneficial features of plastics while identifying how to avoid common issues.


Our planet is heating up at shocking speed, and there is no argument humans are the cause. There is lots we can do to help, but with so much misinformation its hard to know how.

Working With...