Circular Economy Services

We advise companies on how to, make, supply, and use products in a circular way as well as how to manage waste and ultimately eliminate it. We design and help implement closed loop supply chains and create waste management systems that facilitate recycling of all materials.

Circular Economy Services

Why go circular?

way to live and ensure our shared future. We can learn from nature and its infinite cycles and build a sustainable circular economy of our own. 

Our current linear economy is destroying the planet and leaving us in a wasteful dying world. However there is a better way to live and ensure our shared future. We can learn from nature and its infinite cycles and build a sustainable circular economy of our own. 

This not only makes great sense for the planet but for people and businesses too. You want your company to be around forever, and with a truly circular business model it can be sustained indefinitely, that’s the whole point!

A circular economy business model will not only bring your business to net zero and beyond, it will also…

Design For The Circular Economy

We are product, system and service design specialists. We can help you to create new or transform your current offering into one fit for a circular future.

If you have a product the key questions are what is it made of? And, what happens to it at its end of life? We can help with both of these, choosing the most environmentally friendly materials and designing for a closed loop recovery eliminating end of life.

If you have a system or service we can help you to optimize for circularity. By designing out waste which will reduce costs and improve your environmental impact.



Product Consumption

The products & packaging your business consumes define the waste it produces. So allowing us to help choose which products and packaging to use will make recycling easier.

Our partnership with Huhtamaki and others through The Rubbish Project enables us to supply a wide range of environmentally friendly packaging and other products. This also gives us a strong relationship with, and an intimate understanding of, the packaging and product manufacturing industry as a whole.

Consuming products also costs money and produces waste, and we want to save you both. So we will always aim to help you reduce consumption where possible. This can even include working with your suppliers to make their business model, product or service more circular for your benefit and theirs.

Waste Capture

Waste costs money to dispose of, but raw materials have a value. An efficient waste management and capture system will turn your rubbish into a resource saving you money and the environment at the same time.

We can create a simple and efficient circular economy waste management system for your business. This will reduce your waste and ensure that you capture the highest possible quantity of the products you consume for recycling. We can also advise on the best supporting infrastructure including smart devices to aid in this goal, and help capture data on your efforts.

Waste Collecting

Your onsite waste management system is constrained by the collection service you employ. For example you can sort your waste into as many streams as you want, however if your waste collector uses a single compartment dustcart all your efforts will be wasted as the streams are mixed in the back. And once collected where does it go?

We can work with you to ensure that your waste management systems fits the capabilities of your collector. We can also connect you with new collectors and material recovery systems where required, to ensure your waste is recycled at the highest quality possible.

Waste Storage

It may seem like a simple topic but how you store waste ready for collection is a critical part of your waste management system and can make one of the biggest differences to the cost. The segregated storage of your different waste streams is critical to retaining its value and ensuring its recycling.

We can advise on the best system and infrastructure including smart devices to improve storage of your businesses waste. One of the biggest opportunities is waste compression using devices including balers and compactors to reduce the volume of waste. This can significantly affect costs by reducing collections, and we can do even better.

Sorting & Recycling

Sorting is critical to the recycling process to create high value mono streams of materials that can be recycled at the highest quality possible. While this can be done at the recycling centers we work with and others using smart technologies, we start working much earlier in the life cycle.

We can help you to simplify the sorting of your waste by advising on the products you consume as well as your waste capture, storage and collection systems. We are also experts in innovative sorting and recycling technologies and have many partners which specialize in both complex sorting and recycling.

Data & Tracking

The more you understand about a problem the better you can solve it. This has and always will be true, which is good news because with our help and modern digital technology it has never been easier to track your activities and gather useful data.

We can help you to track the lifecycle of your products, your environmental impact, your recycling rates, carbon emission and more. The more data you capture the more useful it will be to you creating insights into your operations. These insights will not only help you with your sustainability goals but also optimizing your system to reduce cost. We can also help you to track information that tells you more about your customers, market or employees.

We can build custom dashboards, web portals, databases and tracking systems. We have a wide range of smart technologies and equipment from partners which integrates with our software. We created The Rubbish Tracker supplied by The Rubbish Project, to Huhtamaki and other producers and consumers of disposable packaging.

Design for print

We can take rubbish and turn it into beautiful products using one of the largest 3D printers available, Colossus, designed specifically to work with recycled materials.

Our process takes waste plastics and turns them into pellets that can be used in the large format 3D printer. We design custom products that can be manufactured on the printer, on a huge scale. Use recycled pellets to turn your concept into reality using the latest technology