What We Do

At Rubbish Ideas, we focus on designing products and systems for the circular economy, we create value from waste.  We help to create brand activation stories which you can use to communicate your company’s efforts. We have ideas on avoiding, reducing, re-using, collecting, recycling and 3D-printing plastics and other materials. If you have a rubbish problem, we may have the answer – we’re able to help with designing both products and systems supporting the circular economy.

Material Research, Collect & Supply

We research the best processing techniques for waste materials and build systems for collection, recycling and remanufacture. We work on supply chain traceability and material tracking. We can help develop mass manufacture and material supply networks, all with a focus on sustainability.


Close The Loop

We can close the loop on your business waste, to create value from rubbish. Join the circular economy and showcase your efforts with a meaningful recycling story the public can trust, thanks to high level traceability throughout the chain. We don't just recycle your waste, we can also turn it into products or raw material for your own company to use.

Sustainability Research & Development

We carry out a range of research projects, identifying issues such as the carbon footprint or waste impact of a product/service. We develop applications for new sustainable materials and use industry experts to advise on ways to improve your current system. Creating truly sustainable solutions is the core goal of Rubbish Ideas.

Product & Graphic Design​

We develop products and systems which support the circular economy. We use scientifically sound ideas, proven to protect the planet. We offer a range of design services from branding through to product design. Let us take your business waste and transform it into beautiful products, supporting the circular economy.